Baldoo's trap is actually a trap and not a trap. YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN


Red in system so I take out my proc because I want to see what he'll do. Tell Kirc to be my batphone. Duder warps in a proceeds to make fuck on proc. CaptKirc comes to make sweet love to him, amigo. MotherRussias friend shows up to join what's quickly became a foursome and Roland jumps in to make it an all-out orgy. The kosmonavts are both tackled and the proc gets permission to die. I scramble the pod back and grab an Enyo to just warp in as all the walls are getting covered in cum. and we finish off two satisfied customers. As we are all winded and aligning back toward the Fort to walk of shame home; a blinky neut appears on the overview and is in belt with us on the quick. His single crow is no match for The Rock and I but we are quick to notice that the system is becoming far more blinky. I dust his pod as his 20 red ceptors are warping into the belt and warp to a planet at 0 because I’m a scrub. The little ships beat me in warp and are waiting for me on landing. It wasn’t the daisy chain I was hoping for but a unpleasant shower in a dank gulag. They get my ship but not my soul and I peace out for home, GFs all around

Away we go to our new home!

pack your bags.jpg


With our departure from the GOTG, we have decided to move east and join DRF/DCU.  DCU is the english speaking sub-group of the drone regions. The space they had opening up was pretty decent given that there was no notice. There is plenty of content nearby which we can join in on. Joining in on these fleets will help us to get to know our neighbours, make a bit of a splash and generally earn respect amongst our new peers.  Within the next week or two, we should be all settled into our new home and begin our regular operations of fun and fluid PVP fleets as well as many of our industrial hobbies.

Fly safe capsaleers and we look forward to starting the next chapter in ZBMC's history.

Alliance fund raiser - SO MANY LAZORS

03/07/2016 BX2-ZX: -  ZBMC and Zansha Industries hosted an alliance wide mining operation.  The focus of the operation was to help create a stockpile of resources to help keep the market steady and prices low.  We had over 60+ members come mine throughout the day as well as pilots actively clearing rats and neutrals.  The final count on ore collected was an estimated value of 4.8 billion isk.  This would be enough to make 12,000 Atrons, or 600 Caracals. With the success and positive feedback of the fleet(despite 4.20 being salty) we plan on doing something like this in August and will be working on getting even more prizes or bigger prizes!

Once again, thank you all so much for coming to participate and we hope to see you all again soon!

The winners of the random drawing are as follows.  

Menelan Katelo - Skiff Exhumer

Anton Brannigan - Skiff Exhumer

Ky'enod - Endurance Mining Frigate

Eben Hopwil - Gas Skill Book

The Firetryer Melkor - Gas Skill Book

Sharagoth - Gas Skill Book

Ustuchos Blackhand - Gas Skill Book

Please contact "Dominic Fade" in game to collect your prizes!


 Z-UZZN (Querious) / 2016-06-05 19:00 Eve Time:  The Brave active defense fleet in conjunction with Zansha Industries and The Zap Blap Mining Co., formed up to fight an invading Omen/Augoror Fleet which was quickly dispatched, but not without losses.  Towards the end of the fight, a 3rd party fleet of Phantasm showed up on grid to challenge or battered and dazed fleet after a 15 minute engagement that exhausted our ammunition reserves and nanite paste.  The Brave FC decided to ask the standing fleet to stand down as he thought we weren't ready for the fight.  Having FCed hundreds of fleets and being part of the initial engagement myself, I Agreed with the FC.  Having said that, I already had the taste of blood from the previous fight and the enemy overstayed their welcome by 5 minutes giving many of our fleet members enough time to refit, rearm, and repair their ships.  I took advantage of this and offered to FC the remaining forces and fight the Phantasm fleet. Lacking our own fleet composition and with the enemy fleet having uniformity as well as logi and support tackle, I called for members to fit up ECM and webs.  The plan was to force the enemy through the gate into Z-U and let them think they had the kite advantage on the other side where their Rapier and Logi could pull distance.  After we jumped through we had our E-War ships ignore the enemy support and Logi ships and instead jam out their Phantasms.  I knew the only way to control the fight was to reduce or disable their DPS, giving us the opportunity to remove their support ships from the equation and even our odds. The plan worked.  Our E-War support ships were able to mitigate most of the damage from the Phantasms, allowing our fast tackle to grab and hold the enemy logistic ships and support ships.  After removing them from the field quickly, we went to work on the Phantasms with a mixture of electronic and capacitor warfare, allowing our DPS wing to close in for the kills.   At the end of the fight, the field was full of burning hulls, crumbling wrecks, and abandoned drones.  While it was very risky engagement, I and the line members all approved of our decision to engage the fleet despite the odds.  We looked deep into our heritage and our culture and grasped onto the bravery that BNI was founded upon.  While we didn't destroy the entire invading fleet, we made sure they understood what it meant to face those that find the courage in themselves to be BRAVE.

Atom Deathstroke - ZBMC/Brave/Heretic Army FC

Thus Spoketh the Hulks

2016-5-19 19:45 EVE Time: Off to a bit of a late start, we gather a sizable mining fleet in our POS. Never one to be shown up, Thawne warps in in a brand new Hulk. Lorlen quickly joins him in a matching beast. The group assembles and jumps into the belt, working efficiently and quickly to strip roid after roid, quickly draining the belt of any ABCs in sight. With the efficiency of a well-oiled machine, this tightknit group of miners, veteran and newbro alike, brought in nearly 1200 blocks of compressed ore and left the asteroid belt stripped down to its skeletal Spodumain remains.

Better keep your Arkonor hidden, Zap Blap has some hungry Hulks out on the prowl.

-Lorlen Mechkin-

Wormhole Spelunking - <3 on D-scan

2016-5-19 19:00 EVE Time: People are excited. The wormhole gods have blessed us today with not one, but two wormholes into the unknown. A small army of Ventures strap their huffers on and prepare for a jump down the chute. From veteran wormhole spelunker to shiny newbro, the gang had all sorts. Working like a well-oiled machine, Zillian and Lorlen scanned down the gas sites with the Venture team on stand-by. The first site was clear and ripe for the taking! A stream of warp-trails lit up the gas cloud as the fleet of hungry gas miners warped in. Timers were set, gas was harvested and when the big bad sleepers came, the group moved on to the next site in this veritable paradise of gas. One site led to two, led to three. Once we started huffing, it got hard to stop.

Then, they appeared. Our ever-attentive D-Scan scouts, Ened and Dex quickly alerted the fleet and we all watched as our scans filled with hearts. The carebear themed wormhole corp had apparently been stirred from its slumber and they were not happy to see a fleet of Ventures stripping their gas clouds down. As the grumbly corp’s <3 So cute <3 labeled ships grew closer and closer, the fleet warped to the exit with speed and efficiency. Not a single ship was lost and we snuck out millions of ISK worth of gas right underneath this wormhole corp’s noses.

Next time the Spelunkers are in town, better watch out for your reservoirs. We’re coming for them and nothing will stop us from sneaking a huff or two.   

-Lorlen Mechkin-


2016-04-27 21:00 Eve Time: Me and Zatara decided at work, that we would set up a gate camp on the V-LEKM gate in 9ES-SI and try and pop some of the solo pilots that have been bothering our mining operations. We sent the world out to our alliance members resulting in a fleet that peaked around 10.  With our scout in V-LEKM we were able to secure some good kills on frigates, cruisers, and even a shuttle and we had a nice close fight with a Tech 3 destroyer. (I can't wait to get one of those) We lost a member to a Jackdaw and he was given the pod express back to 60M-TG.  One of our alliance Fleet members was hot dropped on his way to drop loot in his home station. A call for help went out, but I made the tactical decision to not send support as we would have lost many more ships and assets if we were to help.  It was a tough call to make, but the right one.  A few frigate kills later I brought in a venture to whore on some killmails by assisting the drones to our insta pointer.  With my venture happily on a killmail, and much time passed I decided to close the gate camp and head home....   This is where it all went wrong. Someone shouted "poin"t and one by one we warped into a fleet of BS’s that were more than happy to lay waste to our small gang. Several fell including a 300m+ tengu and my own Vexor and some T3D’s (its ok buddy got away in the venture) Like most lessons in EVE, they are learned the hard way. In the future, I plan on FCing until everyone is home rather than taking it easy and letting our guard down.   All in all I think we had fun and the kill board was more green than red. With luck, operations like this will reduce the number of solo pilots using our system as a shooting gallery and ruining our mining and other activities.   Come join us next time, but remember, the golden rule of the gambler... "anything you stake, you expect to lose." So, bring what you can afford to lose.  

Doris Maricadie- EUTZ FC

A Salty Surprise for Jimmy!

    2016-04-12 19:31 EVE Time:  "So I was jumping into Arton and my fellow pilot Mardio warns me about a player who has killed him while he had his Cyno up on station.  After quickly formulating a plan, Mardio lights a new cyno, and I jump in with my Archon. All goes well, as I dock the carrier and I switch to a Deimos to kill the cyno hunter. I undock and had the same pilot yellow box me in a legion. As I tried to dock I noticed I was on the verge of disconnecting(LAAAAAG). Fortunately I hit my MWD and burned 25k off station. The game client closes and Mardio let's me know he's right by me. I logged back in and found myself getting attacked by this slippery little fuck "Jimmy"in his Gnosis. I Couldn't run, I couldn't dock, so I took the fight, despite being at a huge disadvantage and already bleeding much of my HP and capacitor. I orbit at 500 and start chipping away at him and trying to get my tank to hold. Suddenly, a triage Archon undocks! As I prepare for the worst, I realize we're outside of his rep range.  With my armor on the verge of dipping into structure, while dealing with lag, neut and cap pressure, I was able to overcome his tank and blast that bitch into space dust.  I didn't wait to stick around for the Archon's drones to finish me off so I left to fight another day!" - SaltyandSweet

The not so cuddly Teddy

  03/09/2016 02:00 EVE Time: The day has come, it is time for my first fleet. I must admit I am a bit nervous I'm going to welp this fleet, (and I'm really high) but I believe in my fleet. Good numbers, some minor ship fit problems so far, and I got some of my experienced heretic boys with me to fall back on in case I get blamed. The time to leave has come and already we got our first target. [REDACTED] jumped into comms and reported that a Vargur was coming down the brave pipe. So I told the fleet to free burn to the target. We met up with [REDACTED]'s fleet in P-ZMZV. When we landed a back up fleet had come to try to save their Vargur pilot, to no avail. Our reps were holding and there ships couldn't tank against the combined firepower of our fleets. After a few short minutes the Vargur was destroyed and the rest of the supporting fleet had run with their tail between their legs. We pursued them for a  short time and then I reformed and came up with a new plan. With all my better judgement against me (and the beer catching up with a bowl for Kush) we regrouped and headed out towards I1Y-IU, Brave's home system. After our last engagement with Brave, I felt confident that we could hold our own in a fight, and I was right. As soon as we entered the brave system of I1Y-IU they were waiting for us like the good host the were, with a decent sized Harpy gang. Our two fleets were sizing each other up trying to decide what to do. So I, being filled with post battle adrenaline, decided we had the bigger dicks and started slow burning our fleet towards them. They maintained range for a while a few hero frigates and interceptors would occasionally burn in and die in a fire. My thirst for the blood of my enemy was growing thin, so I had the fleet alight to station at a good range in hopes that they would come chasing after us. Alas, they warped to a ping at 4000km off the station. On their station they seemed to have a bait carrier sitting on the undock. Knowing that this was a trap, and that his support was 4000km out wondering what to do. The carrier had decided to keep drones in and refrained from getting aggression. At this point in time we had [REDACTED] jump into their comms to try and get them to reship to something bigger to fight us. His talk of a good fight worked, we warped to our POS in system and waited. Every now and then hearing of a target in system and going and waving our dicks around more. They had agreed to meet us on asteroid belt 1 so we warped there and waited. Then they came... They landed 150 km off us with a fleet of assorted ships Hurricanes, Brutixs, and other cruisers and ewar Griffins. Now one would imagine that they were sniper fit and going to keep range, but to our amazement they landed right on the middle of out fleet logi and all. I told the boys to throw drones on there Griffins and then started to call primaries starting with the closest Logistics ship, working from big ships down on primary's. Then about a short ways into the fight I was targeted by some of the remaining Griffins and Jamed to hell. So with me sitting there with my dick in my hand until jams lifted, [REDACTED] took over calling primary's.(which he called the enemy FC as primary which was against the agreed terms of the fight)  As I sat there I took a brief look around at the action and looked at a glorious slaughter of braves fleet ships popping ever couple seconds. Shortly after the enemy FC popped, because he was primaried, fleet seemed to panic and start to scatter in an attempt to save what little was left of the battered fleet. We attempted to pursue but with their fleet having been smacked back twice by our t-1 armor gang I feel they were too demoralized and too beaten yet again. So having dragged our balls thoroughly to their faces, and some of the boys having to leave we decided it was time to head back. So I posted one last gif in local and plundered all the booty. My first fleet was not only a success, but it was an embarrassment for Brave. My one regret is that we didn't fraps it for other to watch.   The full Battle Report can be viewed below. - Teddy Umangiar


03/07/16 03:00 EVE Time:  ZBMC co sponsored a new FOB POS inside BNI's home system of  I1Y-IU.  The same day, Brave quickly moved to reinforce the POS despite our heroic effort and talented POS gunners.  Brave was not too happy about us planting a flag in their sandbox and they intended to remove our presence from their system.  But, our plan was in place and we fully intend to stick around.  A ping was sent to the coalition and a CTA was put in place to defend the POS and repair all the modules and guns.  The following night, I N F A M O U S and friends formed up our new Gila doctrine and fought against Brave's Hurricane alpha fleet.  Sadly for them, their USTZ was lacking and their numbers were few.  We annihilated their fleet in less than 5 minutes and took only a few frigate losses.  After their fleet was humiliated we were able to secure the POS and refit newer and stronger defenses.  Hopefully next time brave will bring their A game.

Looking for Miners, Found Chris Hansen

03/03/16 14:40 Eve Time:  While sitting in our home system of E1F-LK and minding our own business, several members of Care Factor came cruising in looking for young, innocent, and soft miners. Unknown to them is that we have several members on standby, for system defense.  With Atom Deathstroke flying his appropriately named phantasm, aka the  "Chris Hanson, and Khadaji Garz in his Macherial, we quickly intercepted the predators in system. We made short work of the Hurricane and chased away his friend in the sacrilege too.  No losses were incurred and our miners are once again safe to continue their sweet, sexy, and innocent work.

Cinna-buns - could there be a tastier fight?

02/25/16 04:00 Eve time:  With a little vacation time away from 0.0 we joined Heretic Army in Amamake for some small gang and solo PVP fun.  With only a few of us on, we decided to roam around with a nano gang.  After only a few jumps we found ourselves chasing a few targets around and quickly killed a Curse on a gate that was likely trying to catch up to his friends.  Sadly his KM isn't showing on zkill, so you will just have to take my work for it.  Sadly it was only T2 tank and meta neuts, about 200 million isk worth.  A short time after that we ran into a small gang outside a novice plex.  Our Ares pilot was dual point fit and held down a rupture and a catalyst and one of the Cynabal pilots was able to grab a thrasher.  Sadly, the jackdaw on field was too far away and left shortly after we wrecked his friends. Despite the jackdaw getting away, we had a nice little roam before we all headed for netflix and chill with our SOs.

Khadaji Garz - The Reptile Slayer!

02/08/16 2:46 Eve Time: With Superbowl 50 drinking beginning to take its full effects on our FC, Khadaji Garz (Heretic Army), decided to take us roaming deep inside Provi.  With mostly T3Ds, a couple ceptors, dictors and 1 bomber. we quickly burned our way there.  After only a few short minutes on the way to provi, our FC and our stiletto scout made contact with a harbinger looking for a fight.  Unfortunately for him, so were we.  After we administered a deep cavity ganking, we awarded the harbinger pilot with a free trip on the Pod Express™ and continued on our journey to Provi Space.

With blood in the water, and just a taste on our lips, we ventured further into Provi space and began using more aggressive tactics, by splitting our fleet across several system to quickly blitz multiple locations at once.  This time, one of our dictor pilots caught a Scorpion Navy Issue.  Despite his active tank, our T3Ds neuted him quickly and the overwhelming DPS laid waste to his Battleship in fewer than 30 seconds.  We felt bad that we killed him so quickly that a free trip via the Pod Express™ was in order, so we sent him on his way. (don't forget your luggage!)

The night was young, the booze was plentiful and spirits were high.  We could have gone home at any time, but once we had a taste of faction hull blood, we new we needed more.  We quickly rushed several more systems and our stiletto pilot once again, found his mark!  Ironic, that the pilot's name was The Great Pumpkin, because once he was pointed, we carved the shit out of him.  

It was another great kill on a fun filled evening, but sadly, we lost our Stiletto on the last fight, so our FC decided it was time to go home. While burning home, we quickly found a Rattlesnake.  Our Stealth bomber engaged the Rattlesnake on  with a small hope the pilot would aggress back. It was as if the gods themselves blessed this evening, and the scorpion pilot engaged the bomber!!  The FC quickly called everyone to jump into system and burn the bastard down. With everything turned to 11, it was a short fight, and the Rattlesnake melted from the combined fire of our fleet, and once again, victory was ours.






Another stroll on the grass.

02/02/16 03:00 Eve Time:  Having nothing but fun, mowing the grass these past few weeks, we decided to take a micro gang into our friendly neighbor's space and see if we can offer our wonderful mowing services.  After our forward scout Allison Keith blapped a miner and a rookie ship, he baited a little thorax off station and we swiftly jumped into system to assist.  After sending the cruiser pilot back home via the Pod Express™ we decided to stay in system and stir up the angry hornets nest.  After 10 minutes B.o.G. was finally able to throw together a "quick reaction force"  to engage us.  I was hoping to bait some fast tackle off station so our dessies and I could quickly melt them and I missed the Raven pilot that MJD right on top of me. He quickly landed his web and scram, probably thinking game over.  Sadly, I don't think he realized that a phantasm doesn't use a MWD and I quickly burned out of point range to make my escape.  With B.o.G. bringing up the local count by about 20 more during that short skirmish, we decided it was time to make our exit.  All in all it was another great night, even though most of our members were unable to attend.  The only loss on our side this time was the paint job on my new phantasm.  Damn thing looks like a burnt pancake!

Bait Fury - Monday Movie Night

Bait Fury.jpg

  02/02/16 5:04 EVE Time:  As part of a fun fleet/ice mining op (need that fuel) we decided to try a Monday night movie mining bait fleet.  Just a few cheaply fit mining procurers with some webs/scrams/DPS drones and a lot of popcorn.  We got our fleet out into the belt, hopped on and started watching Kung Fury with our corp and their SOs. All in all, it was a great night with a ton of laughs and we even managed to kill a poor interceptor that tried to spoil our fun.  With such a successful mining op, and a lot of fun from everyone in corp, we plan to do this again next Monday night. Only hard thing to decide now is what movie to watch!  If you have any suggestions, comment below!