Ham Sandwich delivery to B.o.G.


1/26/16 4:00 Eve Time: ZBMC & Heretic Army set forth to Blades of Grass territory in a T1 Heavy Assault missile Caracal fleet.  After a short trip, our FC Atom Deathstroke brought us one jump out of 08-N7Q and sent his forward scouts and bait (Genric M, SteelersFever Charante, & MardiOBoy) to bait a Hurricane off the station.  After only a few moments the Hurricane pilot engaged our bait ship and scouts.  Atom quickly called the fleet to jump into 08-N7Q and warp to help Genric M and get the kill.  Upon arrival the hurricane continued his aggression and had a Archon undock from station to provide reps.  The FC called for everyone to lock the Archon in hopes the he would dock up and deny his ally any logistic support.  It worked.  After only a few short moments the Hurricane was destroyed and the pod as well.