Can I Bring my Drake?

1/27/16 02:30  Switch4 from Heretic Army  introduced a special drake navy issue fleet tonight and we had a decent turnout for an experimental test run.  With ZBMC joining others from G L O R Y we had 12 drakes, 3 ospreys, a falcon, a griffin, a caracal, a merlin, and a malediction.   While I hoped we would have more logi, it looks liked it everything worked out in the end.  Several ZBMC pilots tried out ewar for the first time and one of them went balls deep and bought his first Drake navy issue.  (rock on kylara)

It was a long journey into lawn space, but shortly after arriving there we were engaged by what seemed like a kitchen sink fleet.  While they did have logi, and lots of ewar, and we lost all our logi in the first 3 minutes, the drakes melted their fleet quickly and efficiently even with our logi removed from the field we only lost a single drake. and took down most of their fleet.  Lawn lost a little over 1.7 billion isk to our 400 million.  All in all, it was a great roam and lawn once again, choked down our long salty missiles.