The Wild West Shootout.

02/01/16 03:00 eve time:  Heretic Army FC Khadaji Garz led a 18 man Destroyer down fleet deep into Provi space.  With the FC's primary focus being ratters and miners to once again humiliate provi scum, we ran into some unexpected company. A 36 man frigate gang happened to also be in 7MD-S1 looking for some pew pew.  With our fleet cloaked up on the gate, and the enemy fleet waiting patiently for us, the FC called for a "free fire".  While some had some concerns with this course of action, most of us thought this was the right call.  With so many fast interceptors and varying engagement ranges, it would be difficult to focus fire with our current fleet composition. Being outnumbered 2:1, the enemy having better ranged weapons, and also having far more electronic warfare, we were able to pull ahead and force the enemy fleet into full retreat.  (Not without taking heavy losses ourselves.)  It was a bloody battle, we lost 2/3 of our fleet, but we were the clear victors, destroying  more ships and moving the tactical advantage into our hands.  Good fights were had on both sides, and this old style wild west shootout will be one not shortly forgotten.