Bait Fury - Monday Movie Night

Bait Fury.jpg

  02/02/16 5:04 EVE Time:  As part of a fun fleet/ice mining op (need that fuel) we decided to try a Monday night movie mining bait fleet.  Just a few cheaply fit mining procurers with some webs/scrams/DPS drones and a lot of popcorn.  We got our fleet out into the belt, hopped on and started watching Kung Fury with our corp and their SOs. All in all, it was a great night with a ton of laughs and we even managed to kill a poor interceptor that tried to spoil our fun.  With such a successful mining op, and a lot of fun from everyone in corp, we plan to do this again next Monday night. Only hard thing to decide now is what movie to watch!  If you have any suggestions, comment below!