Cinna-buns - could there be a tastier fight?

02/25/16 04:00 Eve time:  With a little vacation time away from 0.0 we joined Heretic Army in Amamake for some small gang and solo PVP fun.  With only a few of us on, we decided to roam around with a nano gang.  After only a few jumps we found ourselves chasing a few targets around and quickly killed a Curse on a gate that was likely trying to catch up to his friends.  Sadly his KM isn't showing on zkill, so you will just have to take my work for it.  Sadly it was only T2 tank and meta neuts, about 200 million isk worth.  A short time after that we ran into a small gang outside a novice plex.  Our Ares pilot was dual point fit and held down a rupture and a catalyst and one of the Cynabal pilots was able to grab a thrasher.  Sadly, the jackdaw on field was too far away and left shortly after we wrecked his friends. Despite the jackdaw getting away, we had a nice little roam before we all headed for netflix and chill with our SOs.