Another stroll on the grass.

02/02/16 03:00 Eve Time:  Having nothing but fun, mowing the grass these past few weeks, we decided to take a micro gang into our friendly neighbor's space and see if we can offer our wonderful mowing services.  After our forward scout Allison Keith blapped a miner and a rookie ship, he baited a little thorax off station and we swiftly jumped into system to assist.  After sending the cruiser pilot back home via the Pod Express™ we decided to stay in system and stir up the angry hornets nest.  After 10 minutes B.o.G. was finally able to throw together a "quick reaction force"  to engage us.  I was hoping to bait some fast tackle off station so our dessies and I could quickly melt them and I missed the Raven pilot that MJD right on top of me. He quickly landed his web and scram, probably thinking game over.  Sadly, I don't think he realized that a phantasm doesn't use a MWD and I quickly burned out of point range to make my escape.  With B.o.G. bringing up the local count by about 20 more during that short skirmish, we decided it was time to make our exit.  All in all it was another great night, even though most of our members were unable to attend.  The only loss on our side this time was the paint job on my new phantasm.  Damn thing looks like a burnt pancake!