A Salty Surprise for Jimmy!

    2016-04-12 19:31 EVE Time:  "So I was jumping into Arton and my fellow pilot Mardio warns me about a player who has killed him while he had his Cyno up on station.  After quickly formulating a plan, Mardio lights a new cyno, and I jump in with my Archon. All goes well, as I dock the carrier and I switch to a Deimos to kill the cyno hunter. I undock and had the same pilot yellow box me in a legion. As I tried to dock I noticed I was on the verge of disconnecting(LAAAAAG). Fortunately I hit my MWD and burned 25k off station. The game client closes and Mardio let's me know he's right by me. I logged back in and found myself getting attacked by this slippery little fuck "Jimmy"in his Gnosis. I Couldn't run, I couldn't dock, so I took the fight, despite being at a huge disadvantage and already bleeding much of my HP and capacitor. I orbit at 500 and start chipping away at him and trying to get my tank to hold. Suddenly, a triage Archon undocks! As I prepare for the worst, I realize we're outside of his rep range.  With my armor on the verge of dipping into structure, while dealing with lag, neut and cap pressure, I was able to overcome his tank and blast that bitch into space dust.  I didn't wait to stick around for the Archon's drones to finish me off so I left to fight another day!" - SaltyandSweet