2016-04-27 21:00 Eve Time: Me and Zatara decided at work, that we would set up a gate camp on the V-LEKM gate in 9ES-SI and try and pop some of the solo pilots that have been bothering our mining operations. We sent the world out to our alliance members resulting in a fleet that peaked around 10.  With our scout in V-LEKM we were able to secure some good kills on frigates, cruisers, and even a shuttle and we had a nice close fight with a Tech 3 destroyer. (I can't wait to get one of those) We lost a member to a Jackdaw and he was given the pod express back to 60M-TG.  One of our alliance Fleet members was hot dropped on his way to drop loot in his home station. A call for help went out, but I made the tactical decision to not send support as we would have lost many more ships and assets if we were to help.  It was a tough call to make, but the right one.  A few frigate kills later I brought in a venture to whore on some killmails by assisting the drones to our insta pointer.  With my venture happily on a killmail, and much time passed I decided to close the gate camp and head home....   This is where it all went wrong. Someone shouted "poin"t and one by one we warped into a fleet of BS’s that were more than happy to lay waste to our small gang. Several fell including a 300m+ tengu and my own Vexor and some T3D’s (its ok buddy got away in the venture) Like most lessons in EVE, they are learned the hard way. In the future, I plan on FCing until everyone is home rather than taking it easy and letting our guard down.   All in all I think we had fun and the kill board was more green than red. With luck, operations like this will reduce the number of solo pilots using our system as a shooting gallery and ruining our mining and other activities.   Come join us next time, but remember, the golden rule of the gambler... "anything you stake, you expect to lose." So, bring what you can afford to lose.  

Doris Maricadie- EUTZ FC