Wormhole Spelunking - <3 on D-scan

2016-5-19 19:00 EVE Time: People are excited. The wormhole gods have blessed us today with not one, but two wormholes into the unknown. A small army of Ventures strap their huffers on and prepare for a jump down the chute. From veteran wormhole spelunker to shiny newbro, the gang had all sorts. Working like a well-oiled machine, Zillian and Lorlen scanned down the gas sites with the Venture team on stand-by. The first site was clear and ripe for the taking! A stream of warp-trails lit up the gas cloud as the fleet of hungry gas miners warped in. Timers were set, gas was harvested and when the big bad sleepers came, the group moved on to the next site in this veritable paradise of gas. One site led to two, led to three. Once we started huffing, it got hard to stop.

Then, they appeared. Our ever-attentive D-Scan scouts, Ened and Dex quickly alerted the fleet and we all watched as our scans filled with hearts. The carebear themed wormhole corp had apparently been stirred from its slumber and they were not happy to see a fleet of Ventures stripping their gas clouds down. As the grumbly corp’s <3 So cute <3 labeled ships grew closer and closer, the fleet warped to the exit with speed and efficiency. Not a single ship was lost and we snuck out millions of ISK worth of gas right underneath this wormhole corp’s noses.

Next time the Spelunkers are in town, better watch out for your reservoirs. We’re coming for them and nothing will stop us from sneaking a huff or two.   

-Lorlen Mechkin-