Thus Spoketh the Hulks

2016-5-19 19:45 EVE Time: Off to a bit of a late start, we gather a sizable mining fleet in our POS. Never one to be shown up, Thawne warps in in a brand new Hulk. Lorlen quickly joins him in a matching beast. The group assembles and jumps into the belt, working efficiently and quickly to strip roid after roid, quickly draining the belt of any ABCs in sight. With the efficiency of a well-oiled machine, this tightknit group of miners, veteran and newbro alike, brought in nearly 1200 blocks of compressed ore and left the asteroid belt stripped down to its skeletal Spodumain remains.

Better keep your Arkonor hidden, Zap Blap has some hungry Hulks out on the prowl.

-Lorlen Mechkin-