Brave Joint Forces Assimilate supposedly Hostile Mineral-Composed Structure

2016/06/023 @ 10:00 Eve Time: Location BX2-ZX A Joint-Forces Operation organized and executed by a conglomerate of The Zap Blap Mining Co. and Zansha Industries has been spotted today, attempting to liberate a part of their space from mineral compound organic structures. The Call To Action, initiated by industrial freeloader Selleka, has been received by over 50 capsuleers, joining together to get rid of this final nuisance.

Unlike normal operational procedure, the fleet took the unusual approach to warp in one by one, as opposed to an aligned warpin. This clearly showed predetermined field dominance and caused a large wake in the subspace-continuum. With a massive fleet of twenty-five procurers, and assisted by Hulk-, Skiff- and Covetor-Class Barges and Exhumers, the fleet quickly drifted apart to seek individual targets to show the Ochre where it belongs: Into our Production Chain. Heavy Casualties were also struck to the local Spodumain, Gneiss and Crokite-Populations, making sure that there is always one angry Rock to shoot at.

A true sight in this operation were, of course, the three Carrier-Class Guidance Officers, who projected their goodwill on the fly without actually doing anything useful at first, although a few interruptions of neutral pilots caused them to retreat and leave the Fleet including its Mighty Commanding Mining-Apoc to its own.

Unfazed by the Lack of Motivational Carrier Support, the Fleet continued its endeavour to obliberate the population of these occupants, resulting in absolute hard work for the reverse Supply fleet, hauling the rock parts back to the Station to administer utmost care to make sure they fulfill their true purpose.

After more than an hour of constant onslaught and tactical retreats from third parties, the forces contemplated the operation to be done, reporting in more than just above 1.5 Billion ISK in damages done to the Belt Factions, with no losses that haven't been caused by plain stupidity.

This successful OP shows the power and willingness from both sides to come closer and build a truly massive stage of commitment.

This was Dex Gardna, Front Reporter for ZBMC News Network.