Z-UZZN (Querious) / 2016-06-05 19:00 Eve Time:  The Brave active defense fleet in conjunction with Zansha Industries and The Zap Blap Mining Co., formed up to fight an invading Omen/Augoror Fleet which was quickly dispatched, but not without losses.  Towards the end of the fight, a 3rd party fleet of Phantasm showed up on grid to challenge or battered and dazed fleet after a 15 minute engagement that exhausted our ammunition reserves and nanite paste.  The Brave FC decided to ask the standing fleet to stand down as he thought we weren't ready for the fight.  Having FCed hundreds of fleets and being part of the initial engagement myself, I Agreed with the FC.  Having said that, I already had the taste of blood from the previous fight and the enemy overstayed their welcome by 5 minutes giving many of our fleet members enough time to refit, rearm, and repair their ships.  I took advantage of this and offered to FC the remaining forces and fight the Phantasm fleet. Lacking our own fleet composition and with the enemy fleet having uniformity as well as logi and support tackle, I called for members to fit up ECM and webs.  The plan was to force the enemy through the gate into Z-U and let them think they had the kite advantage on the other side where their Rapier and Logi could pull distance.  After we jumped through we had our E-War ships ignore the enemy support and Logi ships and instead jam out their Phantasms.  I knew the only way to control the fight was to reduce or disable their DPS, giving us the opportunity to remove their support ships from the equation and even our odds. The plan worked.  Our E-War support ships were able to mitigate most of the damage from the Phantasms, allowing our fast tackle to grab and hold the enemy logistic ships and support ships.  After removing them from the field quickly, we went to work on the Phantasms with a mixture of electronic and capacitor warfare, allowing our DPS wing to close in for the kills.   At the end of the fight, the field was full of burning hulls, crumbling wrecks, and abandoned drones.  While it was very risky engagement, I and the line members all approved of our decision to engage the fleet despite the odds.  We looked deep into our heritage and our culture and grasped onto the bravery that BNI was founded upon.  While we didn't destroy the entire invading fleet, we made sure they understood what it meant to face those that find the courage in themselves to be BRAVE.

Atom Deathstroke - ZBMC/Brave/Heretic Army FC