Alliance fund raiser - SO MANY LAZORS

03/07/2016 BX2-ZX: -  ZBMC and Zansha Industries hosted an alliance wide mining operation.  The focus of the operation was to help create a stockpile of resources to help keep the market steady and prices low.  We had over 60+ members come mine throughout the day as well as pilots actively clearing rats and neutrals.  The final count on ore collected was an estimated value of 4.8 billion isk.  This would be enough to make 12,000 Atrons, or 600 Caracals. With the success and positive feedback of the fleet(despite 4.20 being salty) we plan on doing something like this in August and will be working on getting even more prizes or bigger prizes!

Once again, thank you all so much for coming to participate and we hope to see you all again soon!

The winners of the random drawing are as follows.  

Menelan Katelo - Skiff Exhumer

Anton Brannigan - Skiff Exhumer

Ky'enod - Endurance Mining Frigate

Eben Hopwil - Gas Skill Book

The Firetryer Melkor - Gas Skill Book

Sharagoth - Gas Skill Book

Ustuchos Blackhand - Gas Skill Book

Please contact "Dominic Fade" in game to collect your prizes!