Baldoo's trap is actually a trap and not a trap. YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN


Red in system so I take out my proc because I want to see what he'll do. Tell Kirc to be my batphone. Duder warps in a proceeds to make fuck on proc. CaptKirc comes to make sweet love to him, amigo. MotherRussias friend shows up to join what's quickly became a foursome and Roland jumps in to make it an all-out orgy. The kosmonavts are both tackled and the proc gets permission to die. I scramble the pod back and grab an Enyo to just warp in as all the walls are getting covered in cum. and we finish off two satisfied customers. As we are all winded and aligning back toward the Fort to walk of shame home; a blinky neut appears on the overview and is in belt with us on the quick. His single crow is no match for The Rock and I but we are quick to notice that the system is becoming far more blinky. I dust his pod as his 20 red ceptors are warping into the belt and warp to a planet at 0 because I’m a scrub. The little ships beat me in warp and are waiting for me on landing. It wasn’t the daisy chain I was hoping for but a unpleasant shower in a dank gulag. They get my ship but not my soul and I peace out for home, GFs all around