03/07/16 03:00 EVE Time:  ZBMC co sponsored a new FOB POS inside BNI's home system of  I1Y-IU.  The same day, Brave quickly moved to reinforce the POS despite our heroic effort and talented POS gunners.  Brave was not too happy about us planting a flag in their sandbox and they intended to remove our presence from their system.  But, our plan was in place and we fully intend to stick around.  A ping was sent to the coalition and a CTA was put in place to defend the POS and repair all the modules and guns.  The following night, I N F A M O U S and friends formed up our new Gila doctrine and fought against Brave's Hurricane alpha fleet.  Sadly for them, their USTZ was lacking and their numbers were few.  We annihilated their fleet in less than 5 minutes and took only a few frigate losses.  After their fleet was humiliated we were able to secure the POS and refit newer and stronger defenses.  Hopefully next time brave will bring their A game.