The not so cuddly Teddy

  03/09/2016 02:00 EVE Time: The day has come, it is time for my first fleet. I must admit I am a bit nervous I'm going to welp this fleet, (and I'm really high) but I believe in my fleet. Good numbers, some minor ship fit problems so far, and I got some of my experienced heretic boys with me to fall back on in case I get blamed. The time to leave has come and already we got our first target. [REDACTED] jumped into comms and reported that a Vargur was coming down the brave pipe. So I told the fleet to free burn to the target. We met up with [REDACTED]'s fleet in P-ZMZV. When we landed a back up fleet had come to try to save their Vargur pilot, to no avail. Our reps were holding and there ships couldn't tank against the combined firepower of our fleets. After a few short minutes the Vargur was destroyed and the rest of the supporting fleet had run with their tail between their legs. We pursued them for a  short time and then I reformed and came up with a new plan. With all my better judgement against me (and the beer catching up with a bowl for Kush) we regrouped and headed out towards I1Y-IU, Brave's home system. After our last engagement with Brave, I felt confident that we could hold our own in a fight, and I was right. As soon as we entered the brave system of I1Y-IU they were waiting for us like the good host the were, with a decent sized Harpy gang. Our two fleets were sizing each other up trying to decide what to do. So I, being filled with post battle adrenaline, decided we had the bigger dicks and started slow burning our fleet towards them. They maintained range for a while a few hero frigates and interceptors would occasionally burn in and die in a fire. My thirst for the blood of my enemy was growing thin, so I had the fleet alight to station at a good range in hopes that they would come chasing after us. Alas, they warped to a ping at 4000km off the station. On their station they seemed to have a bait carrier sitting on the undock. Knowing that this was a trap, and that his support was 4000km out wondering what to do. The carrier had decided to keep drones in and refrained from getting aggression. At this point in time we had [REDACTED] jump into their comms to try and get them to reship to something bigger to fight us. His talk of a good fight worked, we warped to our POS in system and waited. Every now and then hearing of a target in system and going and waving our dicks around more. They had agreed to meet us on asteroid belt 1 so we warped there and waited. Then they came... They landed 150 km off us with a fleet of assorted ships Hurricanes, Brutixs, and other cruisers and ewar Griffins. Now one would imagine that they were sniper fit and going to keep range, but to our amazement they landed right on the middle of out fleet logi and all. I told the boys to throw drones on there Griffins and then started to call primaries starting with the closest Logistics ship, working from big ships down on primary's. Then about a short ways into the fight I was targeted by some of the remaining Griffins and Jamed to hell. So with me sitting there with my dick in my hand until jams lifted, [REDACTED] took over calling primary's.(which he called the enemy FC as primary which was against the agreed terms of the fight)  As I sat there I took a brief look around at the action and looked at a glorious slaughter of braves fleet ships popping ever couple seconds. Shortly after the enemy FC popped, because he was primaried, fleet seemed to panic and start to scatter in an attempt to save what little was left of the battered fleet. We attempted to pursue but with their fleet having been smacked back twice by our t-1 armor gang I feel they were too demoralized and too beaten yet again. So having dragged our balls thoroughly to their faces, and some of the boys having to leave we decided it was time to head back. So I posted one last gif in local and plundered all the booty. My first fleet was not only a success, but it was an embarrassment for Brave. My one regret is that we didn't fraps it for other to watch.   The full Battle Report can be viewed below. - Teddy Umangiar