Looking to grow your skills and knowledge in PVP? Look no further.

IN heretic academy, the only obstacle is you


          Mining at is finest

Heretic Nation

Excellence without elitism. A microgang with Jump Drives. Heretics play to win, where the win condition is using all our ships; frigates to titans, while never forgetting our roots. We have it all without the toxic culture typically associated with these perks. 

PVP, Its where heroes are born

Always New, Never old.

Heretic Academy has some of the best FCs and PVPers at your disposal to learn from and train with.  With training from fittings, fleets, solo, small gang, and specialized mechanics, we will help forge you into a force to be reckoned with.

           Build your empire

The Tools

Heretic Academy has many tools at your disposal.  From communication services, ship fittings, skill books and contracts, fleets, roams, classes, and events, you will have more content then you will know what to do with.

What is eve?