Avenge A Fallen Comrade

"There was a despicable crime commited in *** yesterday. One of the loyal freelancers working for the Guristas Pirates was assassinated by DED pigs nosingaround one of our operations. We can't allow them tocarelessly waltz around our territory like that and getaway with such offenses. They're on our turf now, and better be prepared for a fight. Your job is pretty straight forward, ***. Find the DED drones which murdered your colleague, and put an end to their miserable existance."

  • Step Type: Warp
  • Number of Spawns: 1
  • NPC's Attack After Warp: NO
  • Your Shield/Armor resists: EM/Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal
  • Your Damage Type:Thermal

Spawn #1

6 X DED Soldier 3rd Class