Welcome to the new improved buyback program, we have listened to your feedback and have set about addressing your concerns. The new scheme is designed to offer a rapid pay-out for our members so you can turn your hard earned ore and loot into ships to get on shooting the enemy, the buyback process has changed so please pay attention.

1.    Create a contract to "Zap Blap Logistics Co"

2.    Make a seperate contract for each of the following levels of the buy back program

3.    Set the description name to the buy back level. (ie. "OBB 1")

4.    Calculate your reward using http://evepraisal.com/ and be sure to make sure Jita is the selected station

5. Please see in game channel:  "Zap Blap Buy Back" for stations accepted

Please note a contract may only contain items from one list and the items must be located in designated stations. Contracts made out incorrectly will be rejected, if we have time we will tell you why it has been rejected.

Check corp buy back channel in game for current rates.

If you have any questions please contact a director via discord.

Failure to follow any of these steps will result in automatic rejection of your contract. If there are any attempts made to scam the buy back program will result in removal from corp/alliance and you will be set to red immediately .