New pilot looking for your place in EVE? Look no further.

IN ZBMC, you forge your own path


           Mining at is finest

A Miner's Paradise

ZBMC has access to the best ores and ice in all of New Eden, making mining a very lucrative starting point for many new and old pilots alike. With regular mining boosts, buy back programs, and high efficiency reprocessing facilities it's time to start maximizing your profits.

 PVP, Its where heroes are born

Always New, Never old.

ZBMC has prided itself with always remaining on the fore front of the latest industry updates, and market trends. Join today and learn how you can always stay ahead of the game and increase your earning potential

            Build your empire

The Tools

In ZBMC you will have access to Citadels, Engineering Complexes, Refineries, blueprints and other helpful tools to give you everything you need to meet and exceed your production goals. 

What is eve?